Community61,530 Treehouse Badges being Unlocked Every Month

writes on December 12, 2011

It’s been one month since the re-launch of Think Vitamin Membership as Treehouse and it’s been insane. Thank you for the huge outpouring of support! Just some fun stats:

The next Badges we’ll be publishing are …

  • JavaScript Foundations
  • iOS 5 Foundations
  • Photoshop Foundations
  • Accessibility Foundations
  • Rails Foundations
  • Database Foundations
  • PHP Foundations

A few tweets that made us smile …

The support we’ve seen on Twitter has been amazing. Thank you! Here are some great ones …

8 Responses to “61,530 Treehouse Badges being Unlocked Every Month”

  1. I love the concept of treehouse and I think the videos are awsome. However, I think the topics covered are way too basic. I would love to see more advanced topics covered.

  2. Irfanullahhosain on December 20, 2011 at 1:40 pm said:

    can you please tell that what will be next tutorials.???
    are you planning to made tutorial on Photoshop and  Psd to Html

  3. 61,530… that could be because they’re to easy to get. Seriously!

    I had a trial account on the old version and i loved the teaching style but everything seemed to be made for beginners so I never became a full member. The new Treehouse seems even more geared to beginners. I keep thinking a resource like this would have been priceless back in the day but right now there’s nothing relevant for me. I was really disappointed that JavaScript and jQuery are “archived items”. 

    But i guess one of these days all these basic topics will be covered and you’ll have to move on to more advanced ones.

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