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5 Treehouse Students Who Found Tech Jobs in Less than a Year

One of the best things about Treehouse is you get to set your own schedule because all of the courses are on demand. This means that you can learn at an accelerated pace if you have the time, and want to move as quickly as you can to getting a tech job. Here are 5 Treehouse students who were able to find new jobs in less than a year.

Robert Became a Full-Time Front End Developer in 7 Months

Treehouse was the single best investment of my money that I ever made. The return on that investment has already been astronomical and it’s only going to continue upwards. I always advise newcomers to the industry to sign up for Treehouse.

Robert graduated with a degree in Sound Engineering, but soon found himself unable to launch his career and returned to working part-time at McDonald’s while continuing to apply for jobs. But after two years without success, Robert realised it was time for a drastic change and set himself the goal of climbing to Everest Based Camp. For Robert, blogging about his travels and Everest sparked an intrigue for the web industry.

When his travels brought him to Sweden, Robert was faced with the challenge of needing in-demand skills to land a job that would allow him to stay. After much research, Robert saw the abundance of job opportunities in the web industry and decided to focus on converting his web hobby into employable skills.

Robert joined Treehouse and was soon dedicating 70 hours a week to learning to code. After 7 months, he felt confident enough to start applying for jobs. Robert was then given the opportunity to work on a project with a local startup agency. The agency was so impressed with his coding skills, enthusiasm and attitude, they offered him the job. Robert is now able to embrace a career that he loves. He has also enjoyed the journey so much, that he’s now blogging about his learning experience and aspiring to teach others to learn to code in the future.

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Justin Quit His Job as a Waiter and in 6 Months Became a Full-Time Front End Developer

Learning from Treehouse seriously gave me job freedom, I feel as if I can apply for a position anywhere in the world or I can be my own boss.

Justin wanted to start a business and every business needs a website, so he thought: why not learn how to build my own? He began learning from books and attended a community college, but to keep up with competitors, he needed to rapidly become an innovative and adaptive developer. Then Justin began learning with Treehouse.

6 months later, Justin felt comfortable enough with his web skills to take the plunge and embark on a career in tech. First, he quit his job as a waiter, then began to do freelance web design and taught a high school HTML and CSSclass. Once he was confident his skills were optimized, Justin applied for and landed a Front End Developer position. Today, Justin couldn’t be happier with the work he’s doing and is looking forward to his career evolving into the future.

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In Less Than a Year, Laurie’s Career Aspirations Became a Reality

Treehouse prepared me for working in the web industry by not only teaching me the skills I needed to know but also my workflow. They engrain the need for modern, non-cowboy coding skills from day one so that by the time you are working on a real project you have a really solid base to go from.

Laurie’s personal interest with the web industry came from running WordPress sites using purchased themes and finding himself intrigued by how everything worked. He had no background in the web but reached a stage where he decided to embrace his curiosity. He began learning some basic concepts of HTML and found himself hooked.

Soon Laurie realized that his interest could potentially transition into a new career path. January 2015 marked the start of the learning experience that would lead him to accomplish that. He set himself goals and began learning. However, Laurie struggled to grasp the concepts and skills he needed to move forward. Then he found Treehouse.

Over the next four months, Laurie excelled through courses and applied his skills to personal projects. Today, Laurie has his own freelance business and recently landed a part-time job as an in-house developer. What was a career aspiration in January of this year, has become a reality and Laurie can now confidently say he has found what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

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After Three Months Nicholas Left His Dead-end Job For a Rewarding Career in The Web Industry

Treehouse has helped me change my dead end career and equip me to better provide for my family. I often tell my friends I feel like I am cheating. Because I get to do a job I love.

After four years in the Army, Nicholas Suddarth fell into the IT industry where he worked for almost 10 years. In early 2015, 33-year-old Nicholas found himself uninspired by his dead-end career in technical sales support. He wanted a rewarding career, but without a college degree, Nicholas was unsure of which direction to take for his career.

During that time, a close friend – and web developer – recognised Nicholas’s great eye for design and his tenacity to learn, and suggested Nicholas consider a career on the web. Drawn to the creativity and technical prowess of the industry, Nicholas decided to give it a go.

Nicholas’s friend mentored him weekly while he turned to online resources to excel his learning. Nicholas joined Treehouse to further focus his learning efforts. Three months later, Nicholas applied for a junior web developer position. Even though he had no previous experience working in the industry, with Nicholas’s thirst to learn and strong work ethic he landed the job.

Nicholas is now a junior web app developer/designer for Digital Ally Inc. His plans for the near future are to work hard, grow and learn in his new role, as well as launch his own freelance business. Long-term, he aspires to have his own web design and development business.

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Tom Went From Knowing Nothing About Code to Web Developer in 6 Months

At the 6 month mark, I started applying for jobs. Before the end of the month, I was employed as a front end/PHP web developer. Amazing.

In January 2014, Tom found himself an unemployed university graduate contemplating his career. He had a degree in Zoology but had firmly decided he had no interest in pursuing a career in the field. This left Tom with the need for a new and drastically different career path. When an epiphany brought Tom to the idea of becoming a web developer, he joined the Treehouse community to learn the tech skills he would need. After only 6 months of focused learning and expanding his interest in the web, Tom felt confident enough to begin applying for developer positions. Within less than a month, he was hired as a full-time front end and PHP developer. Tom now has a career he loves and is still able to dedicate time to building on his experience and knowledge.

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