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3 Treehouse Students Who Found Their Calling in Front End Web Development

Front End Web Development is one of the most fulfilling career paths in tech. You get to solve problems, code and impact the look and functionality of the web. It’s also an area that Treehouse offers tons of courses in, including a front end track that teaches beginner’s everything they need to know to get started. Check out these three Treehouse students who have found great careers in front end dev!

Mark Went From Technician at an Apple Retail Store to Junior Front End Developer

If anyone is considering a career in the web I highly recommend Treehouse. A lot of my job ready skills were learned on Treehouse.

Mark was a technician at an Apple retail store with a fascination for the creative and technical aspects of computer related industries. Looking for a career change, Mark aspired to work somewhere he could be creative and use problem-solving technical skills to achieve his goals. After researching which skills were in high demand in the web industry, Mark turned to Treehouse to learn those valuable job-ready skills.

Recently, Mark landed himself a junior front end developer position at Huemor Designs. In his new role, Mark is applying his skills daily to a career he truly enjoys. He’s also still learning with Treehouse to keep those skills sharp, and is confidently on his way to being a highly skilled front end developer.

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Laura is Making The Switch From a Career in Fitness to Front End Development

The whole team at Treehouse really cares about the success of their students.

Laura had dedicated herself to a career in fitness and health when an unexpected injury forced her to walk away from the fitness industry. Her future derailed, Laura was faced with the need for a drastic career change.

Although she had no prior experience in tech – and considered herself terrible with computers – Laura researched the industry and found herself increasingly drawn to it. What started as a hobby and interest for Laura swiftly transformed into a career aspiration. With her mind made up, she decided it was time to invest in learning the valuable coding skills that would equip her for a career on the web.

Laura joined Treehouse and found the learning experience a perfect fit for her. With newfound direction, Laura was able to focus and dedicate time to learning to code. Today, Laura is creating apps and sites, building up her portfolio and is well on her way to an exciting and bright future as a front end developer.

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Since Learning With Treehouse, Sarah Launched Her Career and is Joining LinkedIn as a Full-Time Web Developer

I decided I loved to code and I wanted to be a developer that can design, rather than a designer that can develop.

In 2012, Sarah heard about Treehouse. At the time, she was studying graphic design at college, but considering a change of major. Serendipitously, Sarah then came across the opportunity to apply for a scholarship with Treehouse. She applied and as soon as she was granted one began diving into coding.

Inspired by the learning experience, Sarah decided to switch majors to incorporate web design and development into her classes. At this stage, Sarah decided her focus was to become a developer that could design. She continued her efforts on expanding and sharpening her web skills on Treehouse and soon gained the confidence she needed to begin propelling her career forward.

Sophomore year, Sarah put her skills into practice as an intern at a design agency. The following year, she landed a web development internship at Adobe. Starting in January 2016 as a graduate, Sarah will begin her first full-time web developer position as part of the team at LinkedIn.

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