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writes on August 12, 2009

Editor’s Note: We’ll be covering Object-Oriented JavaScript, Merb, Rails and more at The Future of Web Apps on Oct 1-2.

I am sure we have all been in the situation where we’ve learned a new piece of software and only a couple of weeks later we’ve forgotten all but the basic commands. This happened to me recently when moving back to SVN after working with Git. Thankfully I have a handful of “cheat sheets” that I call upon at these times.

Here are a list of cheat sheets I find useful:

Server Side Development

Version Control

Front End Development

Command Line

Blogging Tools


There’s a comprehensive list available on cheat-sheets.org and Dave Child deserves a lot of credit for his own selection, many of which are linked above.

If you know of any more please link them up in the comments.


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43 Responses to “17 Awesome Web Developer Cheat Sheets”

  1. Nice content sir ….
    salute boss..!

  2. Now, that’s what i looking for… I really needed Microformats cheetsheet and found it here.. Really Happy!!

    Keep up the awesome work mate!

  3. Thanks a lot for the list… Awesome for quick php and jQuery reference, I’m getting the pdfs printed !

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  5. Jasa Pembuatan Website on October 10, 2010 at 10:14 am said:

    Great , people really need to be aware of these issue’s.


  6. Hi, Good work Folks! These cheat sheets are great and a lot hard work goes into them. Such cheat sheets help the web developers to put their links and pages to limits, this eliminates most of the future vulnerabilities and flaws. This also reduces the cost due to loss on those pages. For more security information go through the pages:http://www.eccouncil.org/certification/licensed_penetration_tester.aspx

  7. Hey awesome cheat sheet links man, can I sure for Ethical hacker (CEH) cheat sheets. Here U go http://www.eccouncil.org/certification/certified_ethical_hacker.aspx

  8. FANTASTIC post! I do freelance web design and I’m and IT admin for a small company, these are being printed as we speak as reference guides ! Great post!

  9. Thank you for putting together the list!

  10. Thanks heaps. Very helpful!

  11. Thanks man for the useful sum up of articles. This is very useful and bookmarked.

  12. Wow, nice collection!I’ll check out all the links *already checking the PHP one*. Thanks a lot for sharing knowledge with us (:

  13. You put a few cheat sheets from AddedBytes in this ist, but he has more to offer: http://www.addedbytes.com/cheat-sheets/

  14. Thanks for the list but I’m not sure if i want a Rails cheat sheet from 2006…

  15. Wow, really awesome! Thanks a lot!

  16. This has been ilovejackdaniels.com before, right?

    I like the RegEx-sheet at most. It’s very clear and covers almost all topics, what from my perspective a sheet should do. Therefore it’s hard to make one for PHP or any other very feature-rich language.

    • > This has been ilovejackdaniels.com before, right?

      Quite right. I moved to AddedBytes.com at the insistence of the JD trademark team last year. Redirects from the old domain will only be in place until the end of the year.

  17. Wow! Thanks for all the link love! I’ve been a bit slack with my releases recently, but hoping to add the new version of MySQL, plus a couple of brand new cheat sheets soon.

  18. There’s a small problem with the WP Cheat Sheet link 😉

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