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16 Examples of Video-Based Web Design (and Why it Succeeds)

With 85% of marketers harnessing the power of the video website, it’s important your video-based web design doesn’t get left behind in 2020.

When developing websites in the current year and beyond, video is a key element. 

If your development lacks video capabilities, it’s time to expand. 

But where do you start on the visual hierarchy of video content? There’s landing page videos, pop-up videos, full-page video backgrounds, testimonial video files and more— there’s just so much to choose from.

What are the most effective ways to design a site that revolves around video content, rather than just text?

I’ve put together 16 examples of outstanding video-based web design to showcase the most effective video marketing tactics to incorporate into your website development in 2020.

1. KDAN Mobile

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KDAN Mobile produces cutting edge video editing software for creatives to more easily incorporate video design elements. 

With a prominent video on its homepage, KDAN Mobile practices what it preaches. 

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

Showboating the product, KDAN demonstrates the value of video as proof of the product, by saying ‘See? Look how beautiful your video marketing could look’.

2. Square Me

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Square Me is a super creative video marketing agency that helps companies boost PR and media coverage through video marketing campaigns.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

The landing page video digital marketing technique is used by nearly half of all video marketers, as it showcases the design elements of previous client projects to demonstrate the quality of the creative firm’s work.

Harnessing optimized mobile responsive design, Square Me is positioned to capture the 70% of consumers watching video content on mobile devices.

3. Happy Egg

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Happy Egg is an ethical egg producer, focused on supplying eggs from happy hens.

The egg firm’s landing page features a half-page background video accompanied by animated graphics, to show delicious meals and happy, smiling faces. 

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

This video-based web design technique emotionally connects with the audience, suggesting that these eggs make for delightful eating.

4. Rino & Pelle

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High fashion brand, Rino & Pelle uses a stunning full-width presentation video to showcase its latest collection. 

Positioned half-way down the homepage, visitors scroll through interactive elements on the menu to reach this promotional video.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

Seeing as 84% of consumers are persuaded to buy after watching a brand’s video, this tactic is a good way to show off the fashion firm’s entire range.

5. Makers & Dreamers

(Image Source)

Makers & Dreamers is a Squarespace project that spotlights the work of curated innovators. 

With a full-page background video, this project creates a human connection between website visitors and promoted artists. 

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

Introductory videos are a top video-based web design feature to emotionally engage the audience and increase brand awareness.

6. Helixes

(Image Source)

Innovative branding agency, Helixes, works with firms to produce a creative narrative using a variety of media, from video-based web content to full rebrands.

On the website menu, Helixes has added a video sample to each menu item. These short video clips cut together footage of the branding firm in action.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

These mini videos assist with navigation for better customer user experience (UX).

Simultaneously, the brand showcases its working process, boosting brand integrity, authority, and trust through provable experience.

7. Airpods Pro

(Image Source)

The video-based web design for Apple’s latest earphones, Airpods Pro, hinges on giving the audience a choice. Rather than forcing the visitor in a certain direction, the website offers two video links. 

The video buttons are integrated among stunning animated graphic web design elements for a sleek, futuristic feel.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

Product videos are especially powerful video-based web design tools, with 95% of all video marketing managers confirming that product videos help users to understand the product better.

Integrating video with interactive elements gives a fluid, responsive user experience to the visitor. Try hiring a graphic designer to complement your video website design.

8. Everpost

(Image Source)

Everpost is a video-creation and video editing software that automatically edits and enhances videos.

Everpost’s landing page is scattered with video thumbnails showing the types of video content that web designers can outsource to Evernote.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

Demonstrating how the company works, Everpost is capitalizing on the 74% of buyers who say they’ve been persuaded to purchase technological services after watching a video.

By having lots of thumbnail videos, this shows that Everpost is experienced in offering video services, with many users utilizing the software.

9. Shape

(Image Source)

Specialist design and fabrication studio, Shape, works on a whole range of projects, from art to electricals to interior design to product design.

The landing page opens with a small video window that expands to a full screen background video of Shape in progress on client projects. 

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

Enabling customers to flick through use case videos on the homepage, the portfolio video web design enables users to get a feel for Shape’s working practices immediately and can connect with the firm’s high-profile client base.


(Image Source)

VANMOOF is a luxury hybrid bicycle manufacturer, who makes pedal-powered electric bikes.

Aside from the epic introductory video on Vanmoof’s landing page, the bike company also features a product explainer video to convey how the bike works and the benefits it brings.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

Explainer videos aren’t new. And they don’t have to be! Simply put, they work. For example, think of the game of Solitaire. Solitaired says it was invented in the 1700s, yet millions play it worldwide every single day. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

11. GoAura

(Image Source)

GoAura is a SaaS service that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase Amazon sales.

Appealing to the four out of five businesses using SaaS in 2020, the full-page landing page video uses clever video content of an astronaut to give the impression that sales will be astronomical.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

This is an example of emotional video-based web design that showcases the brand’s personality with a witty play on words and notions of futurism. 

12. Future Kind

(Image Source)

Vegan supplement company Future Kind embeds video content across their website, centering the design around it. 

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

Since 96% of consumers have viewed explainer videos to educate themselves about products, including an educational video can improve product understanding.

By giving users the choice to view the video or not, this prevents disruptions from pop-ups.  As 73% of consumers feel that pop-ups are an extremely annoying interruption, a clickable video avoids this issue.

13. Skyline Films

(Image Source)

Producers of top movies like Sherlock Holmes, Skyline Films opens its website with a full-page video that minimizes down into a film reel that showcases all the projects previously completed by the video production company.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

The immersive experience draws visitors into the action immediately. By sucking the video inward, Skyline Films is able to post the recognizable movie titles the company has worked on. 

This video-based website design tactic boosts brand credibility by leveraging high profile clients to raise brand awareness.

14. Gilisports

(Image Source)

Premier surfing brand, Gili Sports, uses presentation videos on its product pages to show off products and build brand personality. 

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

49% of brands use presentation videos to serve as social proof to enhance credibility. Dramatic, real-life videos also help to boost the emotional connection with your lookalike target audience.

As buyers are twice as likely to share video content than any other form of content marketing, presentation videos offer a key opportunity to use this video-based web content for social media campaigns or video podcasts ⁠— an integral step for boosting search ratings.

As CEO of Loganix, Adam Haynes, notes, “A resilient video marketing strategy that promotes sharing from within the community relies on a robust SEO architecture.”

Try using SEO tools to support this process.

15. Vidyard

(Image Source)

Vidyard is an incredible video creation and editing tool for marketing and sales teams to improve website conversions through storytelling. 

Incorporating video content into written blogs, Vidyard uses video-based web design tactics to help illustrate the points made within the written content.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

95% of video marketers agree that video content can help enhance consumer understanding. Using videos within written content not only breaks up the text, but also helps to bolster buyer knowledge.

16. Purplepass

(Image Source)

Ticket vending service, Purplepass, offers a quick 90-second explainer video when visitors scroll down the landing page.

Why is this video web design tactic successful?

The best video content is under two minutes, so a 90-second video works perfectly. 

Equally, the UX flow is not interrupted with an automatic video — users need to click the video, which encourages engagement.


Are you toying with video-based web design for your 2020 website? You should be.

The web design trends are clear: video-based website design is effective. Enhancing brand awareness, educating customers, and driving conversions, video content is a big winner for marketers everywhere.

Showcase your product, promote your brand, and craft your company’s personality using video marketing techniques for 2020. Not sure how to go about it? 

Use these video-based web design examples as inspiration to get you started on your web design journey. And for a full web design education, try the Front End Web Development Techdegree.

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