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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Treehouse

We thought it would be fun to look at Treehouse from a different perspective. Below are some stats you might not know about us…

Treehouse has an office in Orlando, FL and Portland, OR, but has workers that span across the country (and ocean)!

Treehouse has a strong Work-Life Integration value. “Delight in your loved ones as well as our mission.” It’s wonderful to work for a company that embraces your life outside of work.

The joy of online learning is that we can span far and wide across the world. We get the opportunity to connect and teach people of different ages, ethnicities, locations and backgrounds.

As an education company, Treehouse supports the continual education of our team.

Bonus facts! Treehouse has…

Now you know a little more about who we are, how far we reach, and what we value.

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Why Treehouse Loves Portland

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