You’ve gotta come to this event

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Photo of the 'Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas' sign at night in neon glow

If you’re a Web Designer, Developer or Entrepreneur, you can’t miss Future Insights Live in Vegas on April 30 – May 4th. We’ve combined Future of Web Apps, Design and Mobile into one massive five day event, with over 100 sessions. It’s going to be like SXSW, but with valuable content 😉 We’re expecting 1500+ attendees, so it’s going to be insane. The tracks include …

  1. Development
  2. Design
  3. Frontend Development
  4. Mobile Development
  5. Business
  6. Cloud

Early bird pricing ends soon (save $200) so move quick and book your ticket today.

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8 comments on “You’ve gotta come to this event

  1. hard to come for people living outside US, i wish i could join those events. out of luck man

  2. I’ll be there. Bought my ticket a couple of weeks ago and I am super stoked. Since I’m a Las Vegas native it isn’t too far for me 😛

  3. I don’t have enough money yet but I will come when I do and working very hard to do so.