We’re Hiring New Teachers!

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Treehouse is looking for four new awesome teachers to add to the Treehouse Team! If you’re a talented designer or developer, this is an absolute dream job.

A picture of Nick Pettit recording a new Treehouse video.

We’re hiring four new video teachers! The Treehouse video studio is located in Orlando, Florida which is where you’ll be working. We’re looking for some amazing people that can dominate the following roles:

  • PHP & WordPress Teacher
  • Front-End Design Teacher
  • Android Development Teacher
  • Business & Marketing Teacher


  1. Writing and recording videos
  2. Writing quizzes and code challenges
  3. Creating downloadable assets and code
  4. Writing blog posts for Think Vitamin

Here’s one of the videos from our library, which is similar to what you’ll be creating:

Skills and Qualities

  • You have crazy passion for the web. You live this stuff!
  • You have outstanding writing abilities.
  • You have impressive presentation skills and lots of on-camera confidence.
  • You’re self motivated and you maintain your razor sharp knowledge.
  • You whole-heartedly believe in our Core Values.

Our Benefits

We believe work, fun, and generous benefits go together. Treehouse team members enjoy…

  1. Full salary for a 4-Day week! We don’t work Fridays :)
  2. 18 vacation days, 9 federal holidays, and two weeks off at Christmas
  3. Free iPhone + monthly contract
  4. Free lunch every day
  5. 401(k) contribution matching
  6. Full coverage for medical, dental, and vision

Working in Orlando

You’ll absolutely love working in our Orlando office! In addition to the growing teaching team, you’ll also work closely with our talented video production crew. These creative guys and gals are the best in the biz; they will make you look and sound your best.

Three photos of our professional video crew members using a clapper board, a Steadicam, and sound gear.

We’re a fun loving bunch that appreciates cupcakes, remote control helicopters, hammocks, Nerf wars, and coffee. Oh, and animated GIFs! Can’t forget about the GIFs. :) Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of a project we all worked on together that will give you a flavor for the office.

How to Apply

  1. Create a 3-5 minute audition video where you teach a topic related to the role you’re applying for. If you love PHP and WordPress, tell me all about themes or plugins!
  2. When you’ve uploaded your video to the web, email the link to nick@teamtreehouse.com – Please do not send email attachments.

Also, please don’t send a resume. 😉 We don’t care about your education or how many jobs you’ve worked. We’re looking for confidence, friendliness, passion, and crisp teaching abilities.

Application Deadline

Make sure to email us your application by Thursday, March 8th 2012!

Free Workshops

Watch one of our expert, full-length teaching videos. Choose from HTML, CSS or WordPress.

Start Learning


Our mission is to bring affordable Technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.


39 comments on “We’re Hiring New Teachers!

  1. Sounds like a great opportunity! I wish I was more experienced in the field, I’m right in Clearwater. Best of luck to all applicants!

  2. What a shame you’re not looking for actual teachers, with training and experience in teaching or at least someone who has studied Pedagogy. It would help your videos so much more than yet another developer.

    • Hi Will,

      The job is very interdisciplinary, so if you know any individuals from the more traditional model of academia that know these topics, I’d love to be introduced to them. :)


  3. AWESOME!!! JUST AWESOME!!! I’m making the classes and I always thought of wordpress lessons, I also thought that I would like to work with you guys, but… I don’t have the writing skills, I love php, css3, wordpress and I also like to teach… and, well, I’m brazilian, I don’t think you guys contract people from other countries.. do you?

    • Hi Luis,

      These roles are full-time teaching positions in Orlando, FL. Due to the nature of video production, we can’t contract or have teachers work remotely. Sorry!

      •  Uou! First, thanks for replying!!
        Second, I thought it was like that. No problem. But yet, who knows, I would like a LOT to work with you guys.

  4. Wish a lot of awesome people would apply, quick! 😀

    (For selfish purposes when I unpause my account later so there’ll be even more videos and lessons to learn.)

      •  Are you guy posting any of the application/audition video links anywhere? Would be sort of cool if we could see or preview some of the new potential teachers and maybe even follow some of those who aren’t selected… just a thought…

  5. Makes sense that you’d want folks to be or move to Florida, due to your studio set up being down there. Wish I could apply if it weren’t for my family obligations up here in PA. *LeSigh* Maybe one day you’d consider telecommuting or something of the like. You folks look like a blast to work with! :)

    • Due to the nature of video production, we can’t consider telecommuting for teaching roles.

      If it’s kids you’re concerned about, Orlando has lots of theme parks that they would love, including Walt Disney World. Yay! We’ve had teachers relocate from as far away as India, so if there’s anything we can do to help ease the transition let us know. :)

  6. This is an amazing opportunity. If I was allowed to leave the country I would be well up for it! I look forward to seeing the content from the successful applicants :)

    • We’d like to avoid relocation if we can, but we’re on a worldwide search for the best talent. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help ease the transition to the United States. :)

  7. Hi guys!

    One of the roles it says you’re looking to fill is someone that can teach business and marketing. Exactly what type of business and marketing are you looking for?

    • Hi Ahmad,

      We’re looking for someone that can teach soft skills like how to put together a cash flow, use Google Analytics, create email marketing campaigns, find talented developers, etc.

  8. This is a Great opportunity to be a member of this new treehouse teem. there are my friends who need jobs, n they also deserve that all. I will refer them!
    this will gonna help them!

  9. I like this line :

    ” We don’t care about your education or how many jobs you’ve worked. We’re
    looking for confidence, friendliness, passion, and crisp teaching
    abilities. ”

    all the best.. i wish i can apply too.. but i live in other country, man.. third world problem 😀

    • Living in another country is no reason to not apply. Amit relocated from India to teach with us, and we’re working on a UK visa right now.

  10. I’m definitely applying. I’d have to relocate to the states, If I get the position of front-end design teacher, which would be a dream come true for me! But we’ll wait and see :)

  11. Totally applied. Really hoping for the Design position. Teaching runs in my blood, and I’d love to do it professionally.

  12. Dream job, if I lived there I would totally get my haircut and get a video across :)

  13. I extremely want to teach about Front-End Design as a Front-End web developer for 6 years and designer, but I am also an international student studying abroad in California right now :(
    I wish I could teach in the future..