We're hiring! iOS/Android/WinMo Video Teacher

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[UPDATE]: Please see this new post.

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7 comments on “We're hiring! iOS/Android/WinMo Video Teacher

  1. I think I know a great man for the job 😉 Unfortunately he’s in the UK but mayunnn! You only need to look at his LeeDroid android ROMs to see how passionate he is! Staying up till early hours to serve us :)

  2. Would you consider a contract employee instead of a direct hire? If so, Ed Harrold of Who Me Mobile, Inc. knows both iOS and Android OS, plus tons of experience with MS developer tools, Java, C#, C++, Web 2.0, and more. Check out the press for one of his creations: http://www.regis.edu/content/cpcis/pdf/edharrold.pdf http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/smart-phone-application-developed-in-hernando-blocks-text-messaging-while/1151558 http://www.regis.edu/newsdetail.asp?sctn=news&p1=rdn&archive=false&year=0&newsID=907&page=1