Twitter Bootstrap 2.0

Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 will be coming out January 31st. In the mean time, there is a pre-release you can check out and report on any bugs that you find. Twitter Bootstrap is a great HTML and CSS framework that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. You can check out sites built with bootstrap on the unofficial Built With Bootstrap tumblr.

You can also follow @twbootstrap on Twitter.

Here’s some of what’s new in this release:

  • Responsive layout (!) with media queries.
  • New 12 column grid (the old one was 16 columns).
  • Stacked forms are the default.
  • Split button dropdowns.
  • New Pills.
  • Navigation lists.
  • New Dropdowns.
  • Tabbles in any direction.
  • New JavaScript plugins.


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4 comments on “Twitter Bootstrap 2.0

  1. Excellent, great to see 2.0 is almost here! Unfortunately, having had a quick look through the pre-release there doesn’t seem to be any support for EMs, which are much more useful for relative sizing/scaling. Responsive support using media query breakpoints is a step in the right direction though :) Maybe someone will branch a version of bootstrap 2.0 with ems eh? ;)