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Since the beginning of Treehouse we’ve been focused on making sure that students not only learn, but that they can apply their learning by finding a job in technology. For the past few months we’ve been working individually with students and companies to help them connect and work together, but that process is hard and certainly isn’t scalable. Now, we’ve created a better way to pair Treehouse students with jobs.

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching our Job Board. We’re working with some outstanding initial companies, many of whom already use Treehouse with their employees, to post jobs and pair those available jobs with outstanding Treehouse students. Creating a job listing couldn’t be more simple for companies looking to hire a new designer or developer.

For Treehouse students, scanning the job listings is just as easy. You can filter by categories, by type of position (full time or contract) and by location.

We’re confident that the Job Board is easy to use and relevant, and especially want to thank Daniel Lewis and Kyle Meyer for their hard work on this project. This is just the first step in a series of plans we have relating to jobs, so keep your eyes out for more in the coming months!

Happy job hunting, and thanks for learning at Treehouse!

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10 comments on “Treehouse Launches Job Board

  1. Lookin good! Any chance you can add an way to view which posts are telecommute-friendly?

    • Hi Brandon, thanks that’s awesome feedback! I’m going to add it to our feature request. I’ll add it to our next update. Thanks for posting.

  2. Do Treehouse help find jobs for people like me living outside the U.S ?

  3. Thanks for this Treehouse! I am pretty excited what other modules you crank out for being members! I did notice though that the jobs that were posted were pretty advanced, I believe I speak on behalf of the majority of Treehouse students when I say more introductory jobs in the field should be posted as opposed to advanced.

    • Hi Aaron, as more companies post jobs, you’ll start to see a wider variety of skill requirements. Thanks for your feedback though. We’ll try to market to both advanced and JR. roles.

  4. The Job board itself is a great feature, but seeing as how this is a relatively new program, and it’s not a conventional educational system, would the completion of these courses make one eligible for employment in the technology field? I’d imagine that there’s a certificate of some sort granted to people who complete the program, but would it be recognized by employers as an alternative to a college degree?