The Mobile Studio

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Love Frank Chimero’s Mobile Studio. He carries all these items in his bag every day. Always ready to create, not matter where he is. Sweet.

Photo of laptop, iPhone, iPad, pens, papter and Kindle

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11 comments on “The Mobile Studio

    • I’d say the kindle is more of a relaxation tool (though he may have some work related books), and the iPad is nice for wireframing, research, and communication.

  1. What makes that a studio and not just a picture of the crap in his bag? If the distinction is that these are used for professional purposes then what makes it a studio and not just his toolkit? How you distill the concept of a space or collective of people into a pile of gadgets.

  2. Amazing gadgets, everyone of us have at least one of them. Thanks for sharing. But IMO, this post shouldn’t be under Think Vitamin. But again, it’s just my opinion. It was useful for me anyway.
    Keep it up!

  3. until he runs out of power on his mac, notice he has a psu for the ipad/iphone but not the mac!

  4. How do you carry these?
    I’m trying to find a nice bag for my Macbook Pro 17″.