Reflections, Mobile Typography and Responsive Images – Treehouse Show Ep 41

In this episode of The Treehouse Show, Nick Pettit (@nickrp) and Jason Seifer (@jseifer) talk about Reflections, Mobile Typography and Responsive Images. Here are the links for the week: BetterToggle jQuery Plugin Creating Realistic Reflections On Animated Glossy Elements …Continue reading

Best jQuery Date Picker Plugins for Input Fields

When building a web form you need to consider a number of factors for your particular application. Many developers will need to handle special data such as the user’s birthday, invoice date, or subscription trial period. These examples could all …Continue reading

SVG Path Animation with jQuery and Illustrator

As technology in the web moves forward we are offered new tools to build amazing web applications.  Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG’s have been gaining traction in the past year or so as most browsers handle the image file extension …Continue reading