jQuery 1.9 | Treehouse Show Ep 26

In this episode of The Treehouse Show, Nick Pettit (@nickrp) and Jason Seifer (@jseifer) talk about jQuery 1.9. Here are the links for the week: Easing Functions Cheat Sheet http://easings.net/ jQuery 1.9 Released http://blog.jquery.com/2013/01/15/jquery-1-9-final-jquery-2-0-beta-migrate-final-released/ Maki Icons http://mapbox.com/maki/ Parley.js http://parsleyjs.org/ Understand …Continue reading

I Don’t Speak Your Language: Frontend vs. Backend

“I Don’t Speak Your Language” is a series of articles designed to give you a quick overview of all of the tech terms in our industry. Knowing these terms will help you in your communications and allow you to build …Continue reading

The Importance of Compass & Sass: An Interview With Brandon Mathis

This week, ahead of his upcoming session and workshop at The Future of Web Design NYC 2011, we caught up with Compass & Sass fan Brandon Mathis! Q1. Hey Brandon! We’re so pleased that you’re joining us at FOWD NYC …Continue reading