Special video edition of Think Vitamin Radio

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In this special edition of Think Vitamin Radio, I sit down with Alan, Jim and Nick to discuss interesting topics like Spine, CloudFoundry, CoffeeScript and Sass being included in Rails 3.1 by default.

If you can’t view the video, please go here.

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4 comments on “Special video edition of Think Vitamin Radio

  1. Excellent little video guys.

    My eyebrows were raised somewhat by lack of Firefox (or more to the point Firebug). Purely for browsing, I do prefer Chrome, but couldn’t possibly imagine developing without Firebug. I’ve used Chrome’s devtools to a limited extent, but never found they came close to Firebug in terms of being able to tweak CSS in the browser.

    So do you really find that Chrome really does provide better devtools to Firefox? Should I give it another go?

    Thanks for the video – looking forward to the next one :)

    • I’ve had great luck with Chrome and Safari’s dev tools of late, but I also don’t tweak CSS in the browser that frequently.

  2. Great content covered, but not sure I like the idea of the Video.

    I usually listen to the podcast whilst driving or doing other things. If there is a video there is a niggle in my head that I have to watch, I can’t just listen to the audio so it kinda takes up more of my time.

    Thats just me and my odd habits.