SECRET SEO Technique to Get Your Site on the First Page of Google NOW!

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If you care about your website, you HAVE to read this!

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Let’s face it, getting on page 1 of Google should be the number one goal of you and your marketing department. And if YOU are your marketing department, then you know what you have to do: GET YOUR SITE TO PAGE 1!

While many SEO techniques are now common knowledge, like title tags, there is one technique that has been used for decades and yet,has been shrouded in secrecy. Normally, if you wanted to have access to this technique, you would have to pay a BLACK HAT SEO GENIUS tens of thousands of dollars! But FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS we are sharing this secret with YOU, the Think Vitamin site visitor: FREE

Page 1. It's what we do.

What am I talking about? Only the most incredible development in SEO technology: DOUBLE SEO!!!!!

DOUBLE SEO launches your site to google’s front page WITHIN 24 HOURS by its simple repetition of your site’s most common keyword, the URL.

As we all know, Google’s complex search engine works by looking for keywords that appear within your website. Web crawlers, called ‘spiders’  look for those keywords and then return them to the end user as ‘data’. Of course, the most important keyword within your site is your URL. However, while most web developers spend hours changing title tags and adding keywords and metadata, you can RACE PAST THEM with DOUBLE SEO!

Another cheesy SEO image

Lets say your domain is – Now, I want you to think for a moment about how visitors get to your website? Of course, you’re already using analytics tools, so you know that they get to your site with the keyword ‘doubleseo – but somehow, when you type ‘example’ into google, you’re not even on the first page! That’s because you’re not using DOUBLE SEO!

If you were using DOUBLE SEO you would have purchased the URL and then REDIRECTED VISITORS to Did you read that right? YES! You can purchase a URL that contains twice as many keywords as your original URL and then redirect site visitors for INSTANT PROFITS!

WHOA! Did you hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of visitors finding your website on THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE! All because you used an incredible simple, but unorthodox technique that has launched the careers of such upstart sites like THINKVITAMIN.COM (thinkvitamin) FOURSQUARE.COM (foursquare) and INSTAGRAM.COM (instagram)

You’re welcome

Simon Edward O.
President COO

PS. Here’s an ultra-secret SEO Pro Tip: When you’re naming your business – you can DOUBLE YOUR SEO from DAY 1 by giving your business a name with 2X or even 3x as many KEYWORDS (Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was

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66 comments on “SECRET SEO Technique to Get Your Site on the First Page of Google NOW!

      • Brendan, this may be good to factor into your thinking:

        Google net worth: $190 billion (2011)
        Think Vitamin net worth: Unknown (but i think it’ll be a little less than Google, i’m not sure on that one though, could be a close call)

        Google employee estimates: 20,123 employees located around the world (as of 2008)
        Think Vitamin employee estimates: Ryan, Gill, Cat, Allison, Nick, Jo, Lou, Tash, Guy, Alan, Jim, Michael, Jon, Will, Pete (think thats everyone that is involved)

        I think i painted a clear enough picture on which company has the time, funding & manpower

        Anyhoo, on cheerier note, you had me going guys, was thinking what the f*** has the thinkvitamin team been smoking.

    • I bought 2 hours ago which means in roughly 22 hours I will be ahead of you

  1. I wonder how many have rushed to buy their double url… Funny stuff guys!

  2. wow ryan carson in lame ass article shocker….. ah wait that happens every time a post hits thinkvitamin

  3. You guys!
    Although in fairness, this post might well actually do your SEO some good!

  4. I wonder how many people will take this for granted and actually waste a lot of money :))

  5. Wow you know when things are bad when your businesses reputation gets tarnished after a blatant joke. Why are people on the web so uptight chill out people and relax.

    Nice post Ryan. I even past it over to my SEO hungry boss saying that we need to do this NOW, so the results of that will be interesting 😛

  6. LOL, I read this twice (the 2nd time very SLOWWWLY) and finally said “this is bullshit” before realizing it was a joke. Very funny.

  7. It worked so well for me, that I’m actually now Google. Thanks guys!

    **Sticks thumb up to the camera, smiles widely – revealing ice white teeth and spinning star glint**

  8. Very funny, and perhaps not a bad idea. 😉
    Isn’t it worrying that I receive emails like this (apart from the doubleSEO idea bit) a couple of times a week though?

  9. Definitely April’s Fools joke.
    Even if this was legit, Google would punish your site in the hours 25, 26, 27 and on…. by burying it deep in the dark places of the interwebs.

  10. HA! Loved this April Fools joke. The few disgruntled comments are pretty funny as well.

  11. I was half way through drafting an e-mail for an actual client about this and as I re-read the blog, I finally click on I was sad, embarrassed, and laughing at myself all at the same time. I later looked up “Gullible” in the dictionary and saw myself.


    P.s. The email didn’t go out. Business is still good! :-)