25% off Web Design Workshops – Next week!

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As faithful Carsonified readers, I’d like to give you a discount to our web design workshops next week:

* Design Principles for Web Apps
* Creating Kick-Ass Microsites
* CSS and XHTML for Designers
* Expert, Elegant Web Typography
* Accessible Design 101
* How to design great Flash sites

Get 25% off with this code: CARSONIFIED-DEAL

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0 comments on “25% off Web Design Workshops – Next week!

  1. How very nice of you, Ryan. Sadly FOWD is at a bad time for me this year, but hopefully I’ll be able to make another “Future of..” conference.

  2. Maybe if you are offering courses on design and typography, you could use a ligature in “carsonified”? Just a thought? I’m a classically trained, typographically sensitive designer and don’t trust “designers” who don’t use ligatures!