Revealing Data to Get Attention

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Map of USA color-coded by state with the most t-shirt sales

I stumbled across a really interesting example of company transparency yesterday. Shirt.Woot sells a different shirt every day and they release all the live data about where their sales are happening.

Graphs showing where t-shirt sales are happening in USA
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This is a radical approach because most companies would be afraid their competitors would use this data against them. However, Woot is smart enough to realize that this is a powerful tool for drawing potential customers in and encouraging activity. It’s really interesting to know how you compare with other folks who bought the same shirt.

Interesting, transparent, quirky data, FTW.

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9 comments on “Revealing Data to Get Attention

  1. I love this kind of thing, and their graphics look great. One interesting thing though — when I first saw the map, before I looked at the key, I assumed darker areas meant more sales (i.e. darker colour equating to more ‘density’). It’s the other way around, of course.

  2. Pretty nice visual display but I still prefer Analytics from the Big G!! would never change just as i’ve got trends dating back a couple of years.

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  4. hmm, revealing the data would have pros and cons but It will attract more people and in turn the company will benefit from it… great post!