Prototyping an iOS App with Storyboards

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Learn how to quickly prototype an iPhone app using the Storyboard feature of Xcode which requires no programming. By using scenes and seques you can easily establish transitions between view controllers.

Start with a single view project using a storyboard. The storyboard allows you to setup multiple view controllers and establish a flow between view controllers.

First, add a new view controller, then link them by embedding the first view controller into a navigation controller.

In the menu, select: Editor – Embed In – Navigation controller

This gives you a toolbar on the first view controller. Add a bar button item to this navigation bar.

Then, use the shortcut ctrl-click and drag from the button to the second view controller.

This creates a segue link between the view controllers.

Now when you run the application, you can quickly move between the view controllers.

The next step is to use segues and storyboards to quickly prototype an entire app.

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Amit Bijlani

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