How to Learn Python: Where to start and how to stay with it

Hello World! If you’re thinking about learning a new programming language, in the very near future, you’re going to be outputting that phrase, “Hello World”, to your screen. It’s guaranteed. It’s like a rite of a…


10 Must Have Tools for iOS Developers

When it comes to tools for iOS developers, there’s only one essential for writing apps, and that’s Xcode — so really this is a very clickbait title (gotcha!). Xcode comes with a whole suite of tools…


Acquiring Bricks: How to learn code like a foreign language

I had always heard that the grammar and syntax of coding languages were in so many ways like foreign languages, but for me, foreign language courses were much less intimidating than computer science. That drove me…

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Have you seen our new look?

A Fresh New Look Have you seen our new look? Our Topics have gotten a fresh coat of paint. After years of continuously publishing new content, the number of Topics we now teach has expanded to…


How to Learn JavaScript: Five Tips for New Learners

As a new learner, you may have chosen both the most exciting and most frustrating time to learn JavaScript. For the experienced JavaScript developer, much has changed in the last few years. JavaScript has new features…


5 Skills to Learn to Become a Back End Web Developer

Web developers wear many hats. Even if they only work on the “back end,” writing code that will run on the web server, they need to be able to: Write the HTML code that’s presented in…

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