New version of Numbers for Startups just released

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Screenshot of the data input worksheet showing graphs and numbers

The latest and most powerful version of Numbers for Startups has just been released. It’s an insanely powerful, easy-to-use, spreadsheet that helps you …

  1. Decide if your business or new product is financially viable and attractive to investors
  2. Understand “Red Line / Green Line” analysis, the single most important graph for any venture
  3. Create realistic goals and plans based on hard numbers, including how much money to raise
  4. Track the effectiveness of different Marketing Channels. Know exactly how much to spend on Advertising and when to spend it.
  5. Approach investors with confidence, or invest your own money with a solid plan

Video Demo

Here’s a 3-minute overview of how it works …

Full disclosure: The creator of Numbers for Startups is my brother-in-law, but I have no financial interest in the company and I’m not receiving any money in any form for posting about it. I just think it’s an awesome tool that I wish I had before we started Think Vitamin Membership! :)

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