Moving on From Think Vitamin

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Just a quick post to say that Thursday 3rd March will be my last day as editor of Think Vitamin and at Carsonified. It’s been an fantastic journey but it’s time for a change.

The last three years working at Carsonified have been an amazing experience. I have been privileged to work on numerous Future of Web Design and Future of Web Apps events in the UK and America, attend many amazing conferences including Chirp, the first official Twitter developer conference, dConstruct and New Adventures in Web Design. Along the way I have met many passionate web designers, developers and entrepreneurs who are playing their part in forwarding the industry we work in and love.

For the last 12 months I have been focusing on this site, Think Vitamin. We have commissioned, edited and and published literally hundreds of posts on web design, web development and web business by a roster of seasoned writers, first time authors as well as our own team contributions. I have really enjoyed working with all the external authors but special thanks must go to Chrissie for her regular and insightful “Around The Web” posts. The analytics suggest that a lot of you have found it useful too. Think Vitamin will of course carry on and continue to flourish.

As well as the written word we decided to venture into the world of podcasting and launched Think Vitamin Radio in January 2010. We’ve not quite managed to record every other week as planned. Small things like ash clouds, travelling to events and paternity leave got in the way of the schedule but despite this we were nominated for “Podcast of the Year” in the annual .Net Awards. We ultimately lost out to SitePoint.

Along with the back end development of the new theme for the site this the podcast remains a personal high point of my work on Think Vitamin. The good news is that I’ll continue to host the it for the foreseeable future.

What’s Next?

Working on events means travelling, which in turn means time away. With an expanding small family I want to spend more time at home. I have also missed being at the coal face of web development. Prior to joining Carsonified I worked as a freelance developer for many years and the itch to create and work on a variety of interesting projects needs to be scratched.

To that end I will be spending 50% of my time with two good friends to help develop their small but well formed web development company 88mph. We’ll be focusing on a mix of client work as well as working on a few internal projects, the first of which will be BreadApp – our take on helping web professionals find work. I am also planning on kickstarting a few personal projects as well as being able to dedicate time to other freelance work (WordPress development, writing, training and more).

You can continue to find my personal ramblings and contact details over at and on Twitter.

And Finally

I would also like to thank everyone who I have had the pleasure of working with at Carsonified and Ryan and Gill for the opportunity.

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32 comments on “Moving on From Think Vitamin

  1. Oh wow! Congrats on your big move! I’m sure you’re very excited about all your big new projects, but no doubt you will be missed at carsonified. :)

  2. Keir, just to wish you all the very best :)
    Curious to see what you’ll be working on next — more WP plugins perhaps ? 😀
    (still loving wp-blocks – more and more every time I use/need it – thanks again for this one)

    Good luck with your new endeavours and only the best :)

    • Hey Prisca, There may well be some more WP related activity 😉 Not a plugin this time, watch this space as they say. Really pleased you use it and like it, I have a few bugs to fix so will be looking to fix those pretty sharpish. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  3. All the best matey. I have no doubt you will be extremely successful. It will be a huge loss for Ryan and the Carsonified possé.

  4. “Coal face of web development” – sounds a dirty business.
    Glad to hear you’ll still be hosting the ‘almost’ award winning podcast, it makes great radio!

  5. I’ll miss you on the podcast, Kier. I believe you were the glue that held it together :) It’ll be interesting to see where the podcast goes from here (if at all?).

  6. Booooooooo! :(

    You’ll be missed, my friend. It’s been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. Don’t be a stranger to me and all your fans!