Master Class: HTML5 Mobile Web App

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Screenshot of the video showing you how to build an HTML5 Mobile App

We’ve just released a Master Class on how to build an HTML5 Mobile Web app, with geolocation, localStorage, jQuery Mobile and Backbone.js.

You can see a demo of the app here.

The Master Class is available to all Gold Members of Think Vitamin Membership. Hope you check it out!

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7 comments on “Master Class: HTML5 Mobile Web App

      • Cool, it just doesn’t seem to bring any style elements through on my phone. I have JavaScript turned on in Safari options. If it helps here’s a screenshot from my phone:
        It is jailbroken, but I don’t have anything unusual installed. Tried it on my friends Andriod and it worked great!

        • Hey Ric,

          Looking at that screenshot it looks like there may be a JavaScript error occurring. To debug that go to System > Safari > Developer > Debug Console, and flip it on. When you reload there will be a bar on the top of the page and can see any JavaScript errors that occur.

      • Tried on another iPhone (4.2.1) unjailbroken and it worked as well. Must be my iPhone, looks like I’ll be doing a restore. Superb app by the way.

  1. To be honest, this whole HTML 5 makes me really excited about the future of online user experience.

    But there’s always a question that keeps bothering me: when there’ll be a client making an order of a fully HTML 5 based website? What I’m worried about is working with HTML 5 will be like using Flash in websites now. For browsers which don’t support Flash, put a jQuery there as the Plan B. I’m not saying I like Flash, only as an example.