LearnLogo Design Basics

Gill Carson
writes on November 8, 2013

Want to design your first logo? Or just brush up on your skills? Logo Design Basics just launched on Treehouse!

In Logo Design Basics you’ll learn what a logo is, types of logos, and the logo design process. Then you’ll move into designing a real logo from start to finish. Expert teacher Mat Helme will guide you every step of the way.

Logo Design Basics

2 Responses to “Logo Design Basics”

  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Illustrator and Logo Deep Dives. They actually help a lot. For even more logo advice check out this cool video from Brandon Rike.

  2. I just made it through this deep dive! Mat Helme is an extremely good designer! The way he came up with the different shades in Adding Color is genius! Thanks for this!

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