Learning the Adobe Illustrator Workspace

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In this Treehouse Quick Tip, Mat Helme starts off this great new Illustrator series by showing us around the workspace.

Learn how to effectively use the Adobe Illustrator CS6 workspace. The application is broken up into several panels, each with a specific purpose.

At the top, the application bar allows you to switch workspaces very easily. Below that is the control bar, which displays the options for the currently selected object.

To the right, the Panels can be displayed wherever you wish, depending on the project. You can also pull out specific tabs to easily organize the information the way you want.

On the left side of the screen is the Tools panel. Each of the tools with an arrow can be expanded to display even more tools. You can pull out the drawers to organize the tools you use most.

In the center is the canvas, which is the primary workspace where you will be creating and editing your image.

At the bottom is the status bar, which displays information and navigation, such as zoom and scroll.

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