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Nick Pettit
writes on February 15, 2017

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Today I’m very excited to announce the Beginner VR Track from Treehouse! Virtual reality is the combination of a head-mounted display and software that, together, creates the sensation of being in another place. VR lets us create worlds, simulate the impossible, and play like never before. Using the HTC Vive and the Unity game engine, Treehouse students will build room-scale VR applications that teach fundamental concepts in the rapidly emerging field of virtual reality.

VR lets us create worlds, simulate the impossible, and play like never before.

Why should I learn VR now?

Virtual reality is a small footnote of the 90s zeitgeist. If you were lucky (or perhaps unlucky) you may have tried one of the early attempts at VR in an arcade, a theme park, or a research lab. Many of the early inclinations toward head-mounted displays and motion controllers are present in today’s modern incarnations, but unfortunately, the technology of the time simply wasn’t good enough.

The nauseating VR of the 90s is now 20 years behind us, and a lot has changed. Thanks to the smartphone revolution of the last decade, many key components of VR – high-resolution screens, fast processors, motion sensors, and more – have been miniaturized and mass produced. By 2012, technology caught up to the vision, and VR started gaining momentum in the gaming industry. Since then, its broad utility has been demonstrated in fields like architecture, industrial design, healthcare, education, and more.

Simply put, VR is not just a peripheral; it’s the next platform.

Why learn VR at Treehouse?

Treehouse teaches students step-by-step, and courses in the Beginner VR Track follow this philosophy very closely. When we create new courses, we think carefully about the pacing of our teaching and the students that learn from us. In addition, we believe in teaching the “how and why” of each concept; not just the steps alone. The story of VR is still unfolding, but by understanding the thought process behind great VR experiences, students form the foundation needed to approach new challenges.

Even if you’ve never coded before, now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a technology that is set to dominate the next decade and beyond.

Learn more and get started today!

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