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Phew! It’s been a whirlwind ride this week and we’ve had a blast during our first official Carsonified Idea Week. I’m so proud of our team :)

Today (Day 4) has been absolutely manic. We’ve been sewing, photographing, HTMLing and rocking out to Billy Idol (and other Air Guitar Classics) all day. In addition to that I’ve been trying to organize the completion of the purchase of our new office (which isn’t going to happen by tomorrow when the movers are booked – argh). But nevermind – we did it!

It’s unbelievable to think that just three days ago we had no idea what we were going to do this week. Now we’re sat in the office crazily finishing up a website (props to Elliot), resizing our photographs, writing copy… and we have 6 sets of MacBook Pro and iPhone covers all in their custom-made boxes, ready to be dispatched.

You can see the fruits of our labour over at (we couldn’t believe that one was available!). You can even apply to get your hands on one of the items – you just need to fill in the form to be in with a chance.

We didn’t do this for any other reason than to see how we could all work creatively together to come up with an idea we all loved and see what we could achieve just with our own set of skills, some teamwork, a limited budget and a lot of coffee, in one working week.

It’s been refreshing to be away from our laptops – but it’s been interesting to see how, just as we approach any project, we all pull together when it comes to the crunch. And we have a blast doing it!

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Ryan Carson

Ryan is the CEO and Founder of Treehouse an online technology school that teaches you how to code, how to start a business, how to make websites, iPhone/iPad apps and Android apps. Previously Ryan founded Carsonified (acquired 2011) and DropSend (acquired 2008). Ryan was born in 1977 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He graduated from Colorado State University in 2000 with a degree in Computer Science. He then moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a bit of adventure and fun and ended up meeting Gillian, getting married and having two wonderful boys. He and his family now live in Portland Oregon. Feel free to follow him at @ryancarson or check out his blog at


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  1. Don’t you think you all deserve hugs too?

    Submitted my MacBook’s ‘Request?’ for a hug. Just have to say, I think its a very original idea. Look forward to seeing some more original sites by you and your team soon (Well when you have recovered).

    Good luck with it.


  2. You guys are an inspiration. I love the fresh approach you’re taking to business, where it’s not all about the money, but about enjoying the journey as well.

    Kudos, and keep it up!

  3. Just goes to show what a team, where all members are valued, can do when given free reign :) Congrats, guys. Now if only I had a MBP and/or an iPhone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Elliot, Mel’s I want a hug button doesn’t appear to be position correctly in Firefox.

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  6. Great job guys! Very inspirational to see how quickly you can take an idea and make it into reality. Stay sharp!

    Hope my MBP gets a well deserved hug & rest this winter break. :)

  7. Wow, impressive stuff and very nicely executed. Maybe you could share a few more photos of the hugs with us, or is this left as an exercise to the hugee? :)

  8. I gotta say, this is not typical Carson Quality. It doesn’t follow a few of your basic rules–especially like getting to the point. It took me about 30 seconds to figure out what the hell this site was about–too much clutter, and wayyyyyyyy too much hype.

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  10. As mentioned before: a great piece of teambuilding wich can be very inspiring. I enjoyed reading all about it a lot!

    Guess I’ve got to get myself a MBK first before I can apply for a hug though (and iPhone’s not yet for sale here in Holland) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. You guys are awesome! I feel so sorry I don’t have a Mac right now :( It could make sure a great pair with ToyStory…

  12. simple yet awesome idea. i actually owned a web application developer firm in Indonesia and Carsonified is totally been an inspiration for Elephantine Inc,.

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