How to Use Social Media Logos on Your Website – Treehouse Quick Tip

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It’s tough to find a site on the web today that doesn’t include Facebook, Twitter, and other social media logos in its design. You probably want to include them on your own site, but where do you find the actual icons? And are there rules for how to use them? In this Treehouse Quick Tip, Chris walks you through how to not only find the most up to date social media logos, but how to follow each site’s brand guidelines.

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5 comments on “How to Use Social Media Logos on Your Website – Treehouse Quick Tip

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  2. Great tips here you granted with us, I could but get perfect idea by visiting this worthwhile place to know the social media logos using in website.

  3. So is the use of the Facebook brand on this site legit? It’s circular, and up top it is black/white and only appears blue with hover. Not trying to call you out, just wondering what’s your take?