Graceful Degradation Tutorial

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In this 9 minute video, you’ll learn about a cross-browser technique called graceful degradation. This concept allows you to utilize the latest standards while continuing to support older browsers.

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3 comments on “Graceful Degradation Tutorial

  1. Please don’t use the term “graceful degradation.” It might seem like a semantic argument, but saying that really creates discord at the outset. Instead, use “progressive enhancement.” Here is a quick explanation:

    Graceful Degradation: Start with the house already built, and then work your way down to the foundation in hopes that when you reach it you can fix it, if needed.

    Progressive Enhancement: Start with a solid blueprint, and build your way up from a firm foundation. Along the way, add features as necessary, and decoration where desired.

    Bottom Line: Work from the simplest form to the most complex, and you will be confident that each added layer of complexity only adds value. This also works from a semantic markup standpoint as well. Start with the simple core, and add as necessary.

    It is a semantic argument, but it is a serious shift in approach.