Google Analytics Pro Tip: Add Annotations

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Alan and I were chatting on GTalk this morning and he had a brilliant idea …

You can add Annotations in Google Analytics for any major events that might effect conversion rates (or any other metric that’s important to you in Google Analytics).

Annotations are simple notes that you can tie to a specific date. They show up visually on the timeline as you view any graph. Super simple, but very powerful.

Screenshot of Google Analytics annotations for

Here’s why it’s a great idea: You can look back at your traffic and see how different events affect your conversion rates. Trust me: You’ll forget when and how you changed the site, which means you won’t know what’s positively or negatively affecting your stats. Annotations solve that. Bam! :)

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14 comments on “Google Analytics Pro Tip: Add Annotations

  1. This is a really great idea. Special offers from competitors are worth noting down as well if it significantly impacted conversions.

  2. Did this once when a power outage took down our server room for 3 hours. Pretty quickly realized how awesome that was when several reports made me go “WTF?” and the annotation made me go “Oh yeah!”