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Screenshot of DigMyData's home page image which shows graph lines with explanation points like 'Ok, I get it. Blogging does bring in new users'

I love this illustration on the home page of DigMyData. The graph lines with the bubbles of text does a brilliant job of quickly explaining a very complex subject (business data analytics – talk about a mouthful).

It not only succinctly explains a complex subject, it does it in a visually pleasing way. The multiple colors and informal language really works.

This is a great example of how smart illustration can help communicate a very important marketing message.

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3 comments on “Effective homepage illustration

  1. I am actually working on something similar for my own website and the plan was to use HTML5 canvas to generate a 3Dimensional pie chat with some hover effects. Unfortunately Canvas just doesn’t have the wide spread support I would like right now so I may have to revert back to plain old illustrations for the time being. The idea though of having canvas to digitally render the graphical element of your illustration, providing some sort of real time data feed would be truly amazing! Get in touch if anyone wants to help me with this…