CodeKit the missing tool

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The web is rapidly evolving and it seems like the editors just can’t keep up. If you are web developer using Sass, Stylus, CoffeeScript or Haml then CodeKit is for you. The only drawback is that CodeKit is only available for MAC OSX Lion.

CodeKit automatically compiles Less, Sass, Stylus, CoffeeScript & Haml files. It effortlessly combines, minifies and error-checks Javascript. It supports Compass. It even optimizes jpeg & png images, auto-reloads your browser and lets you use the same files across many projects. And that’s just the first paragraph.


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9 comments on “CodeKit the missing tool

  1. Awesome app! I’ve been using it for the past month or so. It’s just sitting there in the background doing everything for me and I can just focus on having fun in JS and LESS. The best part is that I don’t have to switch to my browser and press CMD+R anymore! This thing has saved me lots of time already.
    Codekit is going to go live in the appstore tomorrow I think, for those interested.

  2. DAMMIT!!! Make a good editor for PC dammit!!! I’m on EditPlus and I want a Coda or something like this!!!

    • Ah yes, I had a PC once… what a terrible time in my life. 

      No it wasn’t that bad – I had Windows XP. I’ve since switched to Mac and it’s such a good investment. I’d never buy a PC again if Apple keeps up this standard. Plus you get great stuff like CodeKit :)

    • Come on man don’t be lazy, there are excellent editors for PC users, both open source and commercial ones. For web development you can choose NetBeans, Komodo, JetBrains IDEs, Blumentals editors… the first ones I remember now