Xcode Tips & Tricks

Learn how to improve your daily workflow while programming your iOS app. Knowing these these helpful Xcode keyboard shortcuts will give you a boost in productivity! To watch more videos like this, go to http://trhou.se/start-free-yt And don’t forget to subscribe …Continue reading

Prototyping an iOS App with Storyboards

Learn how to quickly prototype an iPhone app using the Storyboard feature of Xcode which requires no programming. By using scenes and seques you can easily establish transitions between view controllers. Start with a single view project using a storyboard. …Continue reading

I Have an Idea for a Killer App, but Where Do I Start?

You know the signs: you can’t stop thinking about it as you fall asleep at night. Your mind wanders back to it when you know you should be concentrating on your work that currently pays the bills. You’re even a …Continue reading