High School Student Prepares for the Future with Treehouse

Caroline is a high school student preparing for her future by using Treehouse to get ahead of the game. by Caroline Clifford printf(“Hello World! I’m Caroline Clifford and I’m a high school student on Treehouse.\n”); As a committed dancer and …Continue reading

The HTML5 Contenteditable Attribute

Did you know that we’re able to create client-side, in-browser content editing using basic HTML elements? We could then save that edited content to the browser’s local storage. The key to making this happen is with the HTML5 contenteditable attribute. To see how contenteditable works, …Continue reading

Cutting-Edge CSS Features You Can Use Today

The last wave of new CSS3 features introduced in-browser design features like border-radius, gradients, multiple backgrounds, and box-shadow. CSS continues to evolve and today’s native features are becoming closer to tools we’d normally use in our favorite graphics editor. In …Continue reading