Buy One, Give One

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At Treehouse our mission is to make technology education affordable and accessible to everyone on Earth. To that end, we’ve been working hard to get Treehouse curriculum into schools. Coding has changed our world in amazing ways and will continue to do so. We believe programming is something everyone should have an opportunity to learn, especially during their school years.

To that end, we’ve decided to launch a new program at Treehouse, Buy One, Give One. For every month someone pays for a Treehouse Gold account, we’ll donate a month of Treehouse to a public school student. We’re already working several schools and districts, and we’ll be adding more as quickly as we can to meet our commitment.

Our hope is that together we can end the days when only overachieving students in schools wealthy enough to have a Computer Science teacher on their faculty have access to programming classes. Every student deserves a chance. Let’s make it happen!

Buy One, Give One

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