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Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting at the back of “Handcrafted CSS“, a workshop led by Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte. The workshop was based on their recently published book of the same name, if you don’t own a copy definitely add it to your holiday shopping list.

As attendees leafed through the book during the breaks I realised how much of I have relied on and enjoyed learning about web design and development from books. Funnily enough Dan’s first book, “Web Standard Solutions“, released in 2004 was the the first book I ever bought on CSS. It turns out it was the first CSS book for many designers I know. It taught me a lot and is still very relevant.

It got me thinking about the most inspiring web related books I have on my shelf. Here in no particular order are my personal top five. Some of them have been updated and superseded but all remain great reference material.

What are your favourites? Link up your must have’s in the comments, I have an Amazon voucher I need to spend and love a good read.

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0 comments on “Books that Inspire

  1. The book that really inspires me when I was first venturing into web standards is “The Art & Science of Web Design” by Jeffrey Veen .

    It’s an oldie but goodie.

  2. surprised no one has added this yet – the one & only :)

    Designing with webstandards – Jeffrey Zeldman

    First book I bought on webdesign – was the one which changed my view and made me *want* to learn handcoding. This book, Jeffrey and Eric gave me my career :)

  3. Its my birthday next Friday so have emailed these titles to ‘da’ missus as gentle reminders of what she should be buying me, and not a pair of joke socks.

    The wench.

  4. I learned standards-compliant design from this book:

    Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to (X)HTML, StyleSheets, and Web Graphics by Jennifer Niederst Robbins and Aaron Gustafson

    I was just tooling around with tag soup before this book. It really drove home the reasons for using standards and weaned me away from Dreamweaver to hand-coding as well. It may be a little bit on the dry side, but makes up for it by being very clear and logically thought-out. I still go to this book as a reference.

  5. Putting my vote in for CSS: The Missing Manual by David McFarland. It’s the one book that really gave me my “a-ha” breakthrough moment in understanding CSS.

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