Around the Web: Darren Hoyt, Quipsologies, & Locomotive CMS

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It’s Friday, so today’s roundup is “awesomeness.”

Wildcard: One of our readers, Sacha Greif, shared an app with us, Locomotive CMS, an open source CMS for Rails & another reader, Marc Gayle of Jamaica, provides some interesting (possibly controversial, but very supportive) insight into How Dropbox is Printing Money”

Please shoot me links to projects your working on or awesome things you’ve released!

Handpicked by Chrissie (@tenaciouscb)

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One comment on “Around the Web: Darren Hoyt, Quipsologies, & Locomotive CMS

  1. There’s a technical problem with the Dropbox article’s hypothesis that for any file uploaded by multiple users, Dropbox is only saving one copy. Dropbox claims that your files are encrypted on disk, and that without your account password the content of your files is inaccessible even to their staff. The problem is that if every encrypted copy of a given file is the same regardless of password, the data is effectively not encrypted. Back to the drawing board on that article, I’m afraid.