Angry Birds founder speaking at Future Insights Live

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Angry Birds logo

I’m super excited to announce that Peter Vesterbacka, the Founder of Angry Birds, will be speaking at Future Insights Live in Vegas, April 30 – May 4th.

There are only 19 Early Bird tickets left, so buy your ticket here. See you there!

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9 comments on “Angry Birds founder speaking at Future Insights Live

  1. Angry Birds is a unique hit among online games! The Creator has achieved very great success, so he gets my congratulations and admiration! Now I will visit the link which you have posted here!

  2. The big red bird does WAY more damage then the small red one. It can
    pretty much melt away blocks if you shoot it at the right angle.

  3. Are you getting bored of Angry birds? Try downloading Stupid Zombie if
    you have a Motorola XOOM. If you don’t know what a Motorola XOOM is,
    then it’s a kind of phone.

  4. How many of us Angry Birds players play while taking a crap on the toilet? I do, and I actually find I get a better score this way, lets face it,

  5. Angry Birds are really popular but to be a classic video game I don’t think so. All the other games mention are crazy popular and everyone everywhere can easilyrecognize them but Angry Birds is more well known for their merchandise nowdays.