A Field Guide to Web Apps

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Field Guide to Web Apps

Bert Appward of the Google team recently released a superb interactive book titled “Field Guide to Web Applications“. Through the literature Bert presents the best skills and practices of building modern web apps. The guide covers the following topics:


Not only is it a great read but a fun experience. The guide has an almost tangible feel to it as the pages flip and has a strong emphasis on texture. I recommend checking it out.

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11 comments on “A Field Guide to Web Apps

  1. The web designer/developer, when presented with a blank canvas such as a computer monitor has a whole world of interface opportunities available to him/her. And what does he choose in this case? A book metaphor.

    Apple’s unfortunate focus on pointless skeuomorphs is not something anyone should emulate. Using the interface presented in the site above it’s not entirely obvious how it’s supposed to work. The point of a metaphor is to help the user to quickly become familiar with how the interface should be used. In this instance, the user can’t reach in and peel back the page, so what should they do? Apparently, hovering over the edge of the page until it obediently jumps up before clicking it to send it on its way is the obvious thing to do. I’m unconviced.

    I worry that I’m the only one that sees how daft this interface is, and I worry that web developers and designers are doing things because they can rather than because it’s good for the user. In the end it’s the user that matters, not how many of our peers we can impress with our HTML/CSS/JS prowess.

  2. Its sounds Good, i have read some pages, and would like to tell you that its really Good source of information. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. If you were to design a web app- an application designed to be accessed
    via a web browser would the application need to be developed in the
    programming language of the operating system software?

  4. Now
    days the demand of the Webapps is strong so it is the great news for the web
    developer to know that the Bert Appward’s lunched the 12th Edition of Field
    Guide to Web Applications. So thanks for sharing this important post. 

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